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My Favorite Software Find of 2011

Living (and working) in the world of tech for most of my adult life, I don’t often find new software that really gets me cranked up.

As a lover of digital content, I’ve had a myriad of apps that are designed to capture streaming content (music and video) from various sites.  Most of them work by capturing whatever you were watching or listening to in real-time which means that you have to watch or listen to whatever you want to capture in its entirety.

That is until a programmer from ‘down under’ created a handy little program called Jaksta that changed everything!


The first question I had after trying it out was ‘how can this be legal?’

Let me make sure you understand how different this program works; you simply start playing a song or video and it jumps into action and downloads the entire file in mere seconds eliminating the requirement that you watch or listen to the entire file!

You can save whatever you capture in a variety of file formats and have it automatically imported into iTunes so that it just shows up on your mobile device(s) with your next sync!
We  interviewed the company on our radio show because we were so taken by the simplicity and efficiency of the software and asked about the legality of using this type of software.

The response was that it fell under the same protection as VCRs, DVRs and is akin to us old timers that used to make cassette tapes from whatever was being played on the radio (wooooohooooo!)

Jaksta isn’t going to allow you to make copies of protected content from services like Spotify, Netflix or Hulu, but it does work great with YouTube, Pandora, Grooveshark and thousands of sites that have unprotected streaming content.

The Windows version has more capturing formats, but the Mac version is more than capable of getting the job done.  You can download the demo versions that allow you to try-it-before-you-buy-it to see if it thrills you as much as it did me.

BTW, I’ve uninstalled all the other programs that I used to use for capturing streaming content…